IAS - Institute for Occupational and Social Hygiene, Foundation

The IAS Institut für Arbeits- und Sozialhygiene Stiftung (Institute for Occupational and Social Hygiene, Foundation) was founded in 1976 as an independent institution. The foundation is aimed at promoting, retaining and regaining people's health at the work places of different branches of industry and transportation systems as well.
Main areas of activity are occupational medicine and safety, environmental protection, ergonomics, company and organisational psychology, transport medicine and transport psychology, as well as applied research in all fields mentioned above. Together with its partner company DB Gesundheits-Service GmbH, IAS is the leading provider of transport medicine and transport psychology in Europe. IAS was one of the initiators and research partners of the R&D project European Driver´s Desk (EUDD) and is involved in the new project “Modtrain” and in the  European Rail Research Network of Excellence (EURNEX) as well regarding Ergonomics and Occupational Safety. Based on a bright knowledge of Occupational Medicine and Psychology IAS is carrying out professional and fitness examinations for pilots, engine drivers and road users.
Within the MODTRAIN subproject MODLINK the IAS Foundation supported the EUCAB development phase regarding the analysis, evaluation and design of anthropometric and safety aspects, of illumination, climate and noise. The EUPAX activities are concentrated on the access to the train for mobility impaired passengers in view of the identification of the specific impairment profile including needed aids, ergonomic design of the access area, the information systems and the emergency facilities.



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